Welcome back to Timeout Tuesday – an opportunity to right your thoughts and clear your perspective.

Have you ever been told that you are destined to solve a problem? It’s true, you are the appointed answer to a question asked in your generation.

As you read that last line, what image raced through your mind? What need did Destiny bring to your thoughts?

Everyone came to earth to solve a problem for humanity.

Are you wondering, “what problem can I solve?” If so, ask yourself this, “what issue or matter do I find particularly irksome?”

What makes your blood boil? No matter how easy going you are, there is something that causes you upset. What is it? Whatever it is, that’s your problem. That’s the issue or matter that you’re destined to impact for good.

You were not born to make a living, pay bills and die. You were born to solve a problem on earth. You are the solution.

In other words, you are necessary. Say, “I am necessary!” Louder, “I am necessary!” Like you mean it, “I am necessary!”

Once you’ve found your problem, you’ve found your wealth. Once you’ve found your problem, you’ve found your purpose. Your purpose is your wealth.

It’s quite possible that you’re still wondering, “What’s my purpose?” If that’s the case, grab a pen and paper. Without the slightest deliberation, write down the 5 things that you are most passionate about. Don’t overthink it. The less you think the more authentic your list will be.

Your list of 5 things will lead you to your purpose. Lend yourself to those 5 things and they will, in turn, lead you to your purpose.

We’ve been conditioned to invalidate the things we love. Skateboarding seems childish. Fictional reading seems pointless. Shopping seems vain. Traveling is expensive. Crocheting is archaic.

Your passions, whatever they are, are signposts pointing to your purpose. Life is supposed to be a good time. The best way to have a good time is to do the things you love. As you lend yourself to the things you love, those things will lead you to why you’re here.

You came to earth carrying a purpose, a solution to a problem that we need solved. If you never find your purpose, the problem will persist.

The graveyard is filled with people who never solved the problem they were born to solve – authors whose books were never written, musicians whose songs were never sung, engineers whose  constructs were never assembled, innovators whose ideas were never shared, and chemists whose discoveries were never formulated.

Life is short and time is limited. However you do it, get back to what you love, to why you’re here. Find the problem you’re destined to solve. Leave your indelible mark on humanity and history.

Remember, you are necessary!

What is your strength, your gift, your uniqueness?

How will you make yourself available to finding your problem, and fulfilling your purpose?

Well-Heeled Mommy exists to see individuals set free to be their truest selves, to live out their destiny. We believe that everyone possesses a unique gift and calling intended to enrich the world. Similar to our fingerprints, the intended impact of each and every person is unlike any other. When we encounter the freedom to live profitably, while also living authentically, the entire world benefits.