Have you heard it said, that “education is the answer”? I’ve heard it multiple times.

What’s the answer to generations dependent on the welfare system? Education.

What’s the answer to the drug problem? Education.

What’s the answer to low self-esteem? Education.

What’s the answer to homelessness? Education.

Is it true? Is education the answer?

Allow me to share a story…

I was born to a single mom. A brilliant woman, with an extraordinary education. She came to this country to teach at one of our highly respected state universities. She spoke and taught several languages. She was a genius. Her mind and abilities were surpassed by few.

Even still, I never knew her as a professor. I only ever knew her as a waitress, a gardener, as hired help and as a personal assistant. Her capabilities always far surpassed the ones to whom she was employed, but that remained irrelevant.

If education is the answer, then why wasn’t she the employer? Why was she beholden to so many? There was hardly anything she wouldn’t do for money.

Her capabilities were forever overshadowed by her self-hatred, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, and poor self-concept.

How is this relevant to you? Like my mother, you received some level of education using some form of curriculum and the raw material for that curriculum was the mentality of the students. So, the objective of the curriculum was to impact the mentality of the students. But, what was the impact of that curriculum on the student who possessed a flawed mentality?

Allow me to elaborate…In the homes of my mother’s employers, were children who witnessed success. They only ever saw bills paid. When they flicked the light switch, the lights always came on. When they opened the refrigerator, there was always food waiting. There was usually a mother and a father in the home and they sat as a family for meals. These children played sports, they participated in plays, they joined clubs, and they were invited into student leadership.

What’s the mentality of a child who only witnesses their parents in a position of influence? What’s the mentality of a child who’s parents prioritize their team events and other extra-curricular activities? What’s the mentality of a child who’s wardrobe is well furnished and who’s bed is always found to be safe?

Aren’t they the ones who know they’re somebody? Certainly they are. They know they’re somebody because they’ve been sacrificed for and their interests have been prioritized. They understand that they are significant. Their expectations of life and of success were crafted according to what they witnessed and how they were valued. They see themselves as destined for a role of authority. They’ll be boss because that’s what they’ve always seen and, consequently, come to expect.

If you have a child who’s already secure in their self-concept, know their self-worth, and is convinced of their self-esteem then all you have to teach them is to read, to write, and how to do arithmetic. They don’t need to learn how to love themselves, how to believe that they’re awesome and capable of anything. They already believe all that.

But, what if you have a child who hates themselves, who has no self-concept, no self-worth, and no self-esteem? What is the reading, writing and arithmetic going to do for them? It’s not going to make them the leader. It’s going to make them better servants to the leaders.

But, what if these children advance in their education? Will that help? What if they acquire multiple degrees and a slew of certifications? What then? Well, then they have multiple degrees and a slew of certifications along with self-hatred, low self-esteem, no self-worth, and no self-concept.

I was told by my mother to do well in school. There was so much fear tied to my academic performance. The admonition was, “do well in school and you’ll get a good paying job”. I’m sure she heard the same thing as a child, “do well in school and you’ll get a good paying job”.

She did do well in school and she did get a good paying job, but she didn’t keep it.

Today, I wonder if the outcome of her life would have been different had the admonition of her childhood been different. For instance, what might the outcome have been if she had heard, “you are loved. You are worthy. Value yourself and you will do well.”

Is education the answer? If so, then what about all the highly educated self-haters? What about them?

I don’t mean to denigrate education. I simply intend to show that it isn’t the answer.

What if we traded in the traditional 3 R’s (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic) educational formula for self-concept, self-worth, self-esteem? What difference do you suppose that would make? What difference would that have made in your life?

Is it too late? Absolutely not!

Reconnect yourself to your source. Reconnect yourself to Destiny. You were created to show off the splendor of Heaven. You were crafted after the image of divinity. You’ve been endowed with special gifting and a unique purpose. You’re destined to impact history and humanity in a very particular way, totally distinct to you.

Your abilities and your potential are not tied to your education. They’re tied to Destiny. The One who authored your story has also already authored your success. You’re brimming with potential and once you align with Destiny, you’ll begin to see the outpouring of your magnificence. You are not one in a million. You are one in infinity – the rarest of gems.