Welcome back to Friday Felicitations.
I spent all of today at a Tony Robbins’ conference.
As expected, there were many takeaways. One of which was an introduction to Heartmath. Have you heard of it?
Without elaborating too fully, Hearmath examines the rhythmic activity of the heart and brain during various emotions. What’s been found is erratic and incongruent heart/brain activity during times of stress and frustration. Conversely, during times of appreciation and gratitude the brain and heart operate in sync – at a compatible and consistent rhythm.
Through an exercise, Tony invited us into a palpable practice of altering our heart’s rhythm by recalling moments of gratitude and fulfillment. Literally, as we held our hands over our hearts, we felt fear and anxiety dissipate as promise and assurance flooded in. My heart’s rhythm slowed and my body settled into ease.
Why don’t you try it now? With your hand on your chest, holding your heart, recall three things for which you are immensely grateful. Ponder them one at a time. Sit with each one long enough to recall it’s full impact. How does it affect the expression on your face? What feeling does it send coursing through your body? Are there smells that accompany the recollection? How does it make you feel about yourself? What does it make you believe about life and your future?
Heartmath research suggests that the heart continuously sends signals to the brain, influencing the functions of perception, cognition, and emotional reactivity. So, the rhythmic state of our heart directly affects our way of looking at and interpreting our circumstances which, in turn, affects our emotions. And, our emotions directly influence our motions.
Next time you’re in a downward emotional spiral or overwhelmed by stress, force yourself to take a moment to recount all those things for which you are grateful. Meditate on these things. As you do, clarity of perspective, understanding and emotion will quickly return.
What three things are you most grateful for in your life?
Watch Tony guide his audience in a Heartmath exercise here:

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