Welcome to your weekly invitation to meditate on the inspiriting work of a brave sister living and giving from her place of Divine gifting. Each week Well-Heeled Mommy features the work or words of a woman who has answered Destiny’s invitation to live courageously by living authentically. 

This week’s featured piece is Awakening by Taylor Davis.

Since early childhood, Taylor has shared a passion for videogames and the violin. Then, in highschool she married the two to create Video Game Music.

Taylor carried her fascination of Video Game Music with her to Gonzaga University, where she worked to introduce it to the college orchestra and quartet members. 

Like so many of us, Taylor’s professional life betrayed very little of her true passions, that is until 2011 when she quite her job in order to focus her time and attention on developing her musical career through YouTube, 

By 2015, Taylor’s channel, ViolinTay, had gained more than 200,000,000 video-views and over 1,000,000 subscribers. That same year, she launched a second YouTube channel, Behind the Strings. 

Taylor is a rapidly growing sensation. Take a listen to the video below and you’ll understand why. She is remarkably talented.

It’s hard to believe this beautiful young woman, with such extraordinary skill, was once grievously bullied for her offbeat interests. Fortunately, her passion’s flame did not wane in the face of derision and disdain.

So, the moral of Taylor’s story is this…remain true to your passions, irrespective of the cost, for your passions will lead to your purpose and your purpose will lead to a life fulfilled.

How will you choose to honor your passions and purpose, today?


Well-Heeled Mommy exists to see women set free to be their truest selves, to live out their destiny. We believe that every woman possesses a unique gift and calling intended to enrich the world. Similar to our fingerprints, the intended impact of each and every woman is unlike any other. When a woman encounters the freedom to live profitably, while also living authentically, the entire world benefits.