Welcome back to Timeout Tuesday – an opportunity to right your thoughts and clear your perspective. 

Have you ever noticed the similarity between the words integrity and integrate?

The original Latin word, integer, from which we acquired integrate means whole. So, to be integrated is to be whole. To be integrated means we are not fragmented. We are one. We are one when all our parts align and operate congruently.

A quick perusal of Google turns up a similar definition for integrity: the state of being whole and undivided.

Integrity also means to be one, one with yourself. All elements of who and what you are align to authentically convey you.

In other words, you are not more than one person. You are not one person at the office and another at the gym. You are not one person on Friday night and another on Sunday morning. You are one.

You’re not a hypocrite. All your varying parts are integrated and consistent. You do what you say. You say what you do. Your actions and words align. Integrity is consistency and congruency.

It’s character and it’s the foundation of trust.

When you are one, people will eventually trust you.

Your appearance is not your integrity. Your possessions are not your integrity. Your job title and salary are not your integrity.

Your character is your integrity. The congruency of your words, actions, and deeds is your integrity.

Character is consistent and unchanging. The character A is always A irrespective of the time of day. B is always B here, there, and everywhere.

Likewise numerical characters are consistently themselves. 1 is 1 everywhere in the world. 2 is 2 yesterday, today, and forever.

Character is dependable and knowable. It’s consistent.

Are you one with yourself? Are all your parts integrated and consistent? Are you a person of character?


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