Welcome back to Timeout Tuesday – an opportunity to right your thoughts and clear your perspective.

Are you familiar with the following quotes from the famed artist, Michelangelo:

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”?

According to Michelangelo, the angel was already there hidden in the stone. Michelangelo didn’t create the subject or the treasure within the stone, he merely liberated it.

Similarly, hidden within the stone of your life is a masterpiece destiny and marvelous purpose. Your job is simply to liberate it.

The greatest artist has no conception

Which a single block of marble does not

Potentially contain within its mass,

But only a hand obedient to the mind

Can penetrate to this image.

In liberating your destiny and purpose from the rock of life, you remove the heavy, burdensome excess around the substance that is the true you, the essence of who and what you are. What is that burdensome excess? Anything that prevents you from diligently pursuing your passions all the way to your purpose.

Michelangelo clarifies his understanding of sculpture in the following statement,

By sculpture I mean that which is fashioned by the effort of cutting away, that which is fashioned by the method of building up being like unto painting.

To Michelangelo, a sculpture is that which is fashioned as a result of the chiseling away of the superfluous external in pursuit of the inherent beauty within.

Your life is a living sculpture, an artful display to the surrounding world. With each chip at the stone, your destiny finds increasing liberty and expressed exposure.

What does this chipping away process look like? It’s different for everyone. For some it looks like a resolute decision to step out from the shadows into an all-out confrontation with the oppressive voices of past hurts. For others it means abandoning the self-imposed facade meant to evoke favor from those who care nothing for you. And, for yet others, it means leveraging every assumed comfort for the sake of Destiny’s true course.

Most recently for me, it meant following my instinct into online business. Conventionalism and traditional voices cautioned me against such a choice. Nonetheless, I persisted into my digital journey. And, with each step forward, the successful entrepreneur in me found increasing liberty and exposure.

Really, there are a myriad ways to begin the chipping away process. For one, distancing ourselves from the momentary distractions (i.e., television, social media, gambling, busyness, etc.) we rely on to numb the realization that we’ve strayed from our dreams and creative potential. The further we remove ourselves from these distractions, the more clearly we hear the subtle voice within. The voice that longs to guide us into the fulfillment of our hopes and the realization of our dreams.

As the sculptor of your destiny, what small step can you take today towards the liberation of your masterful purpose?

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