Welcome back to Timeout Tuesday – an opportunity to right your thoughts and clear your perspective.

Do you believe that you’re a leader? You are. By no effort or design of you own, you are a leader. 

Every leader that ever was, was first a follower. The thing that propelled them into their destined role as a leader was the development of a certain type of thinking and perception concerning themselves and their world. 

Consider the lion. He’s king of the animal kingdom. He demonstrates the thinking and perception of a leader, the same thinking and perception that resides in you. He is not the tallest animal out on the savanna. He’s not the largest animal, the heaviest, or even the smartest animal and yet the lion is the king. It seems he has no advantage and yet he’s king.

When the lion arrives on the scene, the towering giraffe flees, the mighty elephant trembles and the massive hippo cowers. The presence of the lion causes the crafty hyena to scamper and the shrewd snake to whimper. How can this be? How is it that an animal with so many limitations can cause an entire kingdom to tremble?

The lion invalidates every one of our excuses for not becoming the leader that we are. He’s not the tallest, the strongest, the smartest, the heaviest, or the most intelligent and yet he is king. 

There is one key distinction of the lion, his attitude. The lion has an attitude that evokes respect from every other animal. His attitude is the difference.

When a lion is confronted with the mass and might of an elephant, he thinks one thing – “meal”. The elephant is ten times the size of the lion and probably 50 times heavier. He has more power and greater intelligence. But, when the lion sees the elephant he doesn’t see size, weight, strength, power, or intelligence. He simply sees a meal. He acts the way he thinks. The size of the elephant is not a problem. The weight of the elephant is not his concern. He acts according to the way he thinks and because he thinks he can eat the elephant, he attacks him. 

Now consider this, the elephant is larger, stronger, more powerful, heavier, and more intelligent than the lion. Yet, when the elephant sees the lion he thinks one thing, “eater”. Like the lion, the elephant is controlled by the way he thinks. He thinks that he is lion-food. Therefore, his size, his weight, his might,  and his authority fall subject to the way he thinks.

It doesn’t matter how big or intelligent you are if your thinking is small. Conversely, it doesn’t matter how small or unintelligent you may seem. Your leadership potential is constrained only by your thinking. 

The difference between a leader and a follower is attitude and attitude is a product of belief. You cannot have an attitude beyond your belief. So, your attitude comes from your belief system. The lion is the king because of what he believes about himself and every other animal. He believes that they are lunch and he believes that he can eat them. His belief system controls the entire situation when they meet.

What do you believe about yourself and your world? When you look at yourself, do you see your limitations or do you see your inherent potential?

No one can live beyond the limits of their belief. If you want to live beyond what you’re living now, you need to change your belief system.

Leadership potential is liberated when we have the discovery of a new belief system. The secret to anyone rising into their destined role as a leader lies in the transformation of their belief system. Your life is what you think it should be. You are what you thought you should be. If you don’t like what you are, then change what you think about yourself, giving rise to the potent potential within.

How will you change your self-perception in light of your inherent potential as a leader?

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