Today is a new day. That means we have another opportunity to succeed, to do well, to gain a sense of satisfaction from a job well done. In order for this to be so, we mustn’t allow yesterday’s shortcomings and mishaps to bear consequence on our expectations for today.

Oft times, we carry yesterday’s guilt or failure into the new day. Yesterday is closed and done. Our former performance determines nothing of our present capabilities unless, of course, we allow it to.

For this reason, it is imperative that we choose a gracious and forgiving manner towards ourselves. Let the night wash away the impurities of a defeated conscience. If you carry a sense of failure or disappointment into this new day, you will find your competencies handicapped and your creativities constrained.

Understand that you are more than your performance. Understand who you are apart from your achievements. Understand your inherent worth before you apply yourself to this new day. Your triumphs, in no way, add an ounce of value to you. Likewise, your blunders detract nothing from your worth.

From this place of clarity, enter into this new day postured to receive great joy and good success.