Welcome back to Wednesday’s Words Of Wisdom.

Have you ever noticed that some things are lost en route to the realization of your dream?

In the process of being refined into the best version of yourself, into who you truly are, the superfluous falls away. Some of what falls aways are people you love. Some, is what you expected to take with you. And some, is what you envisioned always at your side. But if it fell away, then let it be.

What losses have you experienced along your journey?

Metaphorically speaking, there will come the dawning of the day of Destiny, the day of your realized hope. In the night leading to that day, the nonessential will fall away. Then, in the morning you will stand face to face with the manifestation of that dream that you’ve held for so long.

What’s your dream? Take a moment now to sit with it. Does your dream take you outside? If so, smell the fragrance of the air. Hear the surrounding sounds. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Does your dream take you into a particular home? If so, find a comfortable seat. Get settled and with your mind’s eye scan the room. What do you see?

Spend time with your dream. Make it a visceral experience, bringing your whole being into the setting.

Do you feel like you’ve already failed your chance at the good life? Fear not! Destiny says, “Meet me in the morning”.

Maybe you messed up because you didn’t have enough invested in the preparation process, in the process leading to your realized hope. Like anything, if we acquire it too easily we’re less likely to appreciate it. So, this time expect to sweat for it. If you sweat for it, work for it, labor for it…you’ll respect it.

It’s easy to disrespect things that come too easily. Destiny will teach us to invest in our dreams, to take action, to own the good life for which we’re destined. Can you relate? Are you making sacrifices now for the good and pleasing life you’re headed into?

In the past, you may have taken a few initial steps towards your dream. But, did you press on through wave after wave of adversity? How about now, are you pushing forward? Come hell or high water, are you pressing on?

Destiny says its your turn to press on. Show up in the morning, ready to take a step forward.

When it comes time to stand face to face with Destiny, you will be required to do it alone. Your appointment with Destiny is singularly your own, your friends and loved ones cannot go.

Does that sound lonely? That’s the way its supposed to be – between you and Destiny.

Destiny authored your dream and gives you visions to propel you forward. Your place of Destiny is graced for you and you alone.

It’s no accident that you’re reading this now. Answer that stirring inside of you, that prompting towards the realization of your dream. You’ve been graced to move forward towards that good and pleasing life fashioned specifically for you.

How have you committed yourself to your dream?

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