Welcome back to Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom with Sara Wasser.

Have you ever prayed, asking for wisdom, or promotion, or assets and found that your answer came in the form of a process that you had to walk out?

Typically, when we pray, we want to receive the answer to our request – the prize – without going through the course. We want to get the grade without going through the class.

On these occasions, we’ve likely asked for things that we’ve not yet been developed to handle. By going through the process or the course or the class we gain the chance to, not only, acquire the prize, but also experience a process that develops us to the point that we’re better able to enjoy the prize of our request.

Every answer is packaged in a process. Your gaining the prize is going to be based on your willingness to complete the process.

Will you quit or will you press through to the end? Will you finish your course and gain your prize or will you give in to the pressures of perceived defeat and seeming delay?

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