Welcome to your weekly invitation to meditate on the inspiriting work of a brave sister living and giving from her place of Divine gifting. This week’s featured piece comes by way of a young UK linguist, Marinela Reka. 

Marinela lends the rhythmic sway of poetry and prose to her mind’s chatter and life’s design. Her writing, though melodious, is relatable and true.  

Absorb the simple beauty of the following few lines:

Fly away with your dreams

Even if you think you can’t cope

As our dreams are our visions

Our destiny and our hope

Now ask yourself, have you remained faithful to your dreams or have you surrendered them at the alter of adversity and mockery?

Your dreams are your promise of that better life your heart longs to live. When you lay down your dreams, you don’t lay them to rest. You resign them to distress and yourself to disappointment. You will never fully succeed at silencing the longings of your heart. You will only grow weary in your attempts to do so.

Your dreams are the substance of the things your heart hopes for and the evidence of Destiny’s grand design for your life.

Never quit pursuing your dreams!

What practical step can you take today to gain one step closer to the realization of your heart’s pursuits?


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