Welcome back to Timeout Tuesday – an opportunity to right your thoughts and clear your perspective.

Do you have goals for your life?

Are you clear on why you motivate yourself to achieve those goals?

Your why will sustain you through the worst onslaught of doubt and fear. Your why will keep you upright as waves of adversity wash over you. Your why is your ability to silence that voice of torment, inviting you to just walk away, set it down, give up, and move on.

Overcome these common antagonists by writing down 5 reasons why you deserve each of your goals. Then, when life catches you off guard, when it knocks the wind out of your sails, you’ll remain standing securely on the bedrock of your justifications.

Make a habit of building yourself up day in and day out, speaking words of affirmation and writing messages of promise and encouragement. Prepare yourself today to withstand and overcome the adversity that’s yet to come.

A key element to self-motivation is finding something that gives you a strong sense of competence. Master something. Lend yourself so heavily to refining a personal passion that you develop the reputation of an expert. In this, you compete with no-one, you just allow yourself to unfold into the best version of you. You’re offering your best quality.

Another key to self-motivation is acknowledging that you’ll encounter a great deal of failure in life. Many doors will be closed in your face. Loans will be denied to you. Nonetheless, you need to refuse to be denied. You need to be relentless. You need to care nothing about the No’s that you will encounter. Never opt to do nothing in the name of playing it safe. Most people give up on their goals. Most people expire from life unfulfilled and dissatisfied. You’re different. You’re not most people. You’re fearless and you’re relentless.

Take action today towards the realization of your goals. Don’t wait for things to be just right, for circumstances to be perfect, or for the ideal situation. The situation will never be ideal. Circumstances will never be perfect. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have and never be satisfied. Always press ahead to a fuller revelation of your inherent potential. Many people never take a chance in life because they first want to see ideal external circumstances. Unfortunately, they’ll never see outwardly what they cannot first see inwardly. We must believe it first then we will see it.

Don’t be discouraged if no one else can see what you see. You have no need for the validation of others. Other people cannot legitimize the goals and visions you hold for your life. Let your aspirations be unreasonable in the minds of others and you, in turn, elect to be unreasonable in your pursuit of all you long to see come to pass. Most people aren’t willing to be unreasonable in their expectations and aspirations of life that’s why most people live unsatisfying lives.

In all your pursuits, find a cause greater than yourself. Find something that you can contribute too. Find an area where you can make a difference. Part of what feeds your larger vision is the ability to give back. No matter your present state, you can’t afford to not give. Whatever you can give, give. Once you develop that special sense of mission, it will drive you. In response, people will be drawn to you and the consciousness that you carry.

Finally, give consideration to who you’ve surrounded yourself with. Be selective. Cultivate friendships that enable you to grow. Your relationships will either enhance the life in you or drain it from you. Be inspired to transcend yourself and you will develop your inherent potential more fully. Ask yourself, “what and who am I becoming because of this relationship?”

Say YES to your life! Say YES to your dreams. Say YES to you. Yes, you will make it. Yes, you will succeed.

Your past failures, mistakes, and defeats are irrelevant. Your last chapter has yet to be written. Let your inherent potential be unearthed. Become who you’re destined to be.

Stand up for your dreams. Stand up for what you want out of life. Decide that your life is meaningful to you and that you love you. Believe in who and what you are. You are powerful. You have miracle-working power in you right now.

Work on yourself, develop yourself, talk to yourself, sell yourself on you and on your potential. Tell yourself that you are worth all of your effort. As you get a larger vision of yourself, you will come to know that you have something to give, you have a reason for being in the universe at this point in time.

What will you do, today, to prepare yourself for the realization of your present goals?

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