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by Sara Wasser

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Our Story

Well-Heeled Mommy was born of a desire to offer a practical solution to the question of How do I pursue my passions and fulfill my unique purpose, while thriving financially? 

Without question, my passion is to see people live out their purpose and destiny. But, the truth is, life requires money. It costs to put food on the table. It costs to provide a home to live in. It costs to get an education. It costs to have running water and working appliances. Most pursuits in life require money.

However, if money becomes our primary pursuit, our life will suffer. We will encounter unnecessary hardship and heartache. The opportunities of this present life are offered only once. The most precious commodity is time and how we spend it is how we live our life. Money was never intended to rule our life.

Most of us are not living the life we long to live. Most of us are not living from our place of gifting and calling. In fact, some of us have started to wonder whether we even have anything to offer the world.

Truthfully, every single individual carries a divine endowment for the purpose of enriching history and humanity in some particular way. Similar to our fingerprints, the intended impact of each and every individual is unlike any other. When a person encounters the freedom to live profitably while also living authentically, the entire world benefits.

My passion is assisting you in uncovering your extraordinary potential – your unique gift and calling, so that you can receive freedom to live from your place of abundance. Heaven’s wealth, stored up for you, is set to follow your purpose. Once you discover Destiny’s design for your life and elect to live from that place of endowment, Heaven’s favor will reign over all your pursuits.

The beautiful thing about the opportunity we present, is that it provides a proven system for earning a meaningful income online, while allowing for the luxury of time and geographical freedom. We live in an unprecedented era, that affords us the potential to earn a rewarding income without suffering loss of time, passion, and fulfillment. We don’t have to choose between a profitable career and a rewarding life!

The role of Well-Heeled Mommy in serving you is simple, we introduce you to the boundless opportunities made available through the Digital Economy and help you determine the course that best honors your passions and purpose, while earning you the income necessary to finance your vision for your life.

Our primary pursuit is not making money. Our primary concern is the release of your gifting into the world. We want to serve you by liberating you into the role that you were always intended to live. When you live your life from your place of passion and purpose, you effortlessly enrich the world. The vision inside you effortlessly pours forth blessing humanity and transforming history. That’s the weight of who you are. It’s time to unleash your potential onto the unsuspecting world.

You may be wondering, “How?”

The answer is simple. Seek the counsel and guidance of skilled leadership. Follow their proven steps. That’s what we offer.

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