Welcome back to Well-Heeled Mommy’s Wedsnesay’s Words of Wisdom.

I was recently told that my posts are too heavy. They’re not simple or relatable enough. They provide for no conversation. So, I’ve made a few changes. Among these changes is my attempt to be more conversational and relevant to this moment.

In keeping with these new goals, I’m compelled to tell you that I’m tried right now. It even occurred to me to skip this post. But, I’ve never skipped a day and I don’t want to start now. Just today I spoke with a friend who had taken a 5 month hiatus from his online business and was now struggling to get back into his rhythm.

Last night I had a virtual meeting with one of my mentors. As always, it was a hugely rewarding session. On the heels of our call, I quickly set about to write an edition of Timeout Tuesday for today’s post.

Not even a paragraph in, my daughter woke. She hysterically called out for me. So, I went in to settle her. An hour later, I was back on the couch composing the post.

Moments later, my son begins to wail. He was awakened by a terrible dream. I comfort him and let him fall back to sleep in our bed.

30 minutes later, I resume typing. Shortly after that, my daughter wakes again. This time she refuses to settle. I hold her and assure her till the clock shows 4:12am. Finally, I get to sleep.

Of course my son wakes with the rising of the sun. Really, I should too. We have a babysitter coming over at 8:00am for a couple hours, allowing me to conduct an interview and tend to my neglected home. But, I’m tired. No matter. I hustle, managing to gather myself to a loosely presentable state.

Now, at the close of the day, I can say that it was a good day. A hugely productive day. But, I’m tired.

Truthfully, my days would be a lot easier if I wasn’t currently building my online business. But, there’s no reward in easy.

The beauty in days like today is the challenge. The challenge provides opportunity for certain dormant skills and character strengths to rise to the surface. In other words, they’re self-improvement and growth opportunities.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a parent, you have commitments that sometimes seem like more than you can bear. But then you do and, as a result, you come to know yourself more closely and realize your potential more fully.

So, let’s commit to glean all the good that we can from the trying circumstances of everyday life. Our capacity, ability, and capability to manage and benefit from these challenges will lead to a mastery of crisis in other areas as well.

What character strengths have you uncovered during challenging times?

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