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-John Assaraf

Who we are

Well-Heeled Mommy was founded by Sara, a daughter, sister, wife, and mother to two. Sara loves playtime with her children, mid-morning yoga, afternoon hikes, majestic mountainscapes, blue skies, and a whole host of other naturally inspiring elements. 

What we do

The founding purpose of Well-Heeled Mommy was to liberate mothers from the stifling constraints of money and time. However, this vision quickly evolved to include all women yearning for something more out of life. Today, WH Mommy exists to offer women a choice in how they spend their days. We equip women to successfully navigate the ever-expanding digital economy. What’s more, we show them how to do it without the constraints of location and time. 

Why we do what we do

Well-Heeled Mommy is fueled by a desire to see women set free to be their truest selves, to live out their destiny. We believe that every woman possesses a unique gift and calling intended to enrich the world. Similar to our fingerprints, the intended impact of each and every woman is unlike any other. When a woman encounters the freedom to live profitably, while also living authentically, the entire world benefits.

What we have to say

The community of Well-Heeled Mommy is vast and varied. We are a collection of women from mixed backgrounds, living uniquely inspiring lives. Join us each week at the Well-Heeled Mommy Blog as we endeavor to inspire, equip, enlighten, and invite you to live your well-heeled life. Remember, resident in you lies an invaluable gift meant to enrich the world. Let us help you to live from your place of gifting.
*Individual results will vary. We cannot guarantee any results – Read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Step towards your destiny today

The difference between a dreamer and a doer is the amount of action that follows their vision. -Fabienne Fredrickson
*Individual results will vary. We cannot guarantee any results – Read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.


Many women live the life they think they have to live. They’re overworked, underpaid, and unfulfilled. Worse yet, their dreams and visions of a gratifying life have grown faint. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

My goal is to inspire you to live your destiny by first helping you to recognize your potential and equipping you with the skills you need to turn that potential into a viable online business in the boundless digital economy.


The beauty and appeal of the digital economy is its maturity and stability. These two factors offer you the opportunity to create a lucrative business that is also personally fulfilling. Even better, the interminate nature of the digital economy allows for profitability without the traditional constraints of time and money.

My role in this process is to provide you with the tools and coaching necessary for you to expeditiously achieve your lifestyle dreams.


We provide you an unparalleled induction into the digital economy through rigorous training and a uniquely supportive community fueled by passion and commitment. Coupled with your life experiences, this will lead to the discovery and development of your personally distinct style of operation. To be clear, hard work is required at the onset but know that on the other side lies your specially crafted well-heeled life.

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*Individual results will vary. We cannot guarantee any results – Read our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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